Digital Receipts for Merchants & Suppliers

wunderbon for Merchants

Using the wunderbon platform (PaaS), you as the merchant can send your customers digital receipts directly to their smartphones.

wunderbon acts as an infrastructure provider between your POS system and your customer’s smartphone. wunderbon saves time at the checkout by providing a real-time digital answer to the question “Would you like your receipt” and yes – we will also provide you with the customer’s zip code if we have received permission to do so. In addition, wunderbon offers you as a merchant analytical evaluations and insights, which you can view directly via a web interface. In this way wunderbon not only helps you to reduce costs, but also protects your POS staff from contact with thermal paper (Greenpeace on poison in POS receipts). By using wunderbon, something good for the environment can be done, as fewer trees have to be felled due to digital receipts.

How it works

wunderbon transmits the digital receipt to the customer’s smartphone in almost real time immediately after the payment process at the POS. In return, wunderbon accepts the receipt either directly from the POS system or from any downstream IT system that manages the data for transmission. Please contact us if you are interested in the possibilities of connection.

Your customer will then be notified of the new digital receipt via a push notification on his smartphone and it will be displayed after calling the app. The user can then view it in the wunderbon app as you can see in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 | Overview of digital receipts in the wunderbon App

An universal Format

With the open, standardized and at the same time universally applicable format for digital receipts, all information can be transferred 1:1 from existing printed receipts. We at wunderbon – honestly; our algorithms – have learnt and perfected this using thousands of “receipts“.

Fig. 2 | Example of a wunderbon digital receipt

Beautiful Presentation

wunderbon offers you as a retailer a modern and above all rich digital receipt format to prove the purchase to your customers. By delivering digital Receipts, you can clearly distinguish yourself from paper receipts and thus from market competitors.

Never before have you as a retailer had a better opportunity to represent your company in such a way on a receipt and to present yourself to the outside world. Above all, these receipts are colored, can be provided with a logo and product photos can be displayed. At your request, we offer your customers the possibility to evaluate the contents of the shopping basket and the corresponding purchases (see Fig. 2). But there are so many more advantages – here you will find more details about the advantages.

wunderbon also helps you to establish a digital relationship beyond the POS or to strengthen an existing one. We actively market to end customers and ensure a constantly growing number of users and thus also potential new customers.

Through a multitude of generated insights, as well as a broad coverage, we can offer insights like in online commerce (eCommerce). We are the analytics for your stationary trade.

More information about the benefits and advantages for merchants can be found here.

wunderbon for Suppliers

wunderbon offers you as a supplier the possibility to run campaigns (e.g. cashback campaigns) directly on a platform with the connected merchants and thus use common KPIs. Therefore we connect you as a supplier (e.g. FMCG) with the connected merchants and their end customers. As a supplier, you have the possibility to present your products close to the target groups in a premium environment, to control cashback campaigns directly via our system, to invoice (we take over the invoicing to the trade & end customer), as well as to receive analyses (pricing, sales markets, quantities, etc.).

Generate additional insights (e.g. price sensitivity), control brand campaigns conveniently via the wunderbon web app for campaigns and receive graphical evaluations of the performance of your campaigns in real time in the dashboard. Thanks to the fully digital chain, all steps from campaign placement to control and redemption by the end customer are completely transparent and 100% traceable.

Safe Cashback Campaigns

Thanks to the digitally signed and therefore forgery-proof wunderbon digital receipts, cashback campaigns can be implemented with the greatest possible security against fraud. Thus, even cashback actions with high values, such as Samsung often carries this out, can be safely implemented. Every transaction carried out is clearly traceable. In addition, we offer you as a supplier an API based query option to feed your systems with this information for further processing. This protects you as the supplier and the merchants from non-payable sales and thus from possible damage.

All affiliated companies thus benefit jointly from protection against cashback fraud and, in addition to the risks of such actions, minimize the average processing time at the same time. Customers receive their cashback advantage much faster than, for example, with a manual check, dealers can be sure that cashback actions are valid and you as the supplier can sit back and relax. With the circuit, we take over the control, the check and the payment in the direction of trade and end customer. Cashback campaigns cannot be simpler.

More information about the benefits and advantages for suppliers can be found here.


The communication between the POS system and the wunderbon infrastructure always takes place via an encrypted channel according to the highest possible security standards and certifications. The communication between the wunderbon app on the smartphones of the end customers and the wunderbon infrastructure is also completely encrypted to at least the same high standard.


In all our activities we always attach great importance to a secure and above all transparent handling of customer data. We adhere strictly to the requirements of the GDPR (see our privacy policy) and move our data securely and exclusively within the EU or in compliance with order processing contracts in accordance with the GDPR. As part of our cooperation with merchants and suppliers, we take over the management of the consent(s), e.g. for the exchange of data, establishing contacts or marketing by partner companies towards the end customer. Thus, any contact via our system is not only legally secure, but explicitly permitted in advance by the consumer according to GDPR.

The future - now!

Driving, concert, cinema & map maps, etc. are just a few examples where the paper has gradually been replaced by the digital version or is being progressively replaced. This is certainly due not only to digitisation in general, but also to the widespread distribution of smartphones as well as the added value that the digital equivalent of the previously physical version has in advance.

Paper will also gradually disappear from cash receipts – and especially in Germany, not only to keep pace with digitisation, but also to significantly relieve the burden on the environment. So now is the time to act and get in touch with us.

wunderbon helps you as a merchant or supplier to keep up with this development with the platform (PaaS) developed by us. We operate, maintain and monitor the entire infrastructure which is responsible for the receipt delivery, receipt keeping and management, as well as the counterfeit-proof cashback & coupon campaigns.

We see ourselves as a PaaS company and therefore as a partner at your side. We have a highly modern as well as available and efficient infrastructure within the EU according to GDPR, efficient real-time interfaces (REST, e-mail, cloud print etc.). POS systems from various suppliers can easily be connected to the wunderbon platform. Integration is uncomplicated thanks to comprehensive, always up-to-date documentation of the interfaces.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.

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