Digital Receipts for Suppliers

wunderbon connects

We connect manufacturers, stationary retailers and end customers on one platform. The connection is made via the digital till receipt. With our digital till receipt we offer a rich platform for the integration of product information, nutrition information, shelf life and much more. In addition, a shopping basket feedback module is available for retailers and a product survey module for manufacturers. With wunderbon, manufacturers gain digital access to data & insights in cooperation with our partners in the stationary trade. wunderbon acts as a neutral clearing house and mediates in the use of data between retailers, manufacturers and end customers (B2B2C) – your broker for secure and unidirectional data exchange.

Manufacturers also have the opportunity to advertise digitally in a premium environment, almost without wastage, and to enter into a contemporary dialogue with end customers. Be it through cashback campaigns, surveys or further information about the company’s own products (e.g. from the area of “Regional Purchasing”, “Made in Germany” or “Sustainability”). Sustainability is an important part of wunderbon’s corporate philosophy – wunderbon saves paper – be it in the delivery of receipts or the waiving of paper coupons in cashback campaigns.

Digital Cashback Cycle

Counterfeit-proof and 100% digital – two of the many advantages of our fully digital cashback system. The seamless connection of all parties involved within a central platform enables us to transmit digitally signed and thus forgery-proof cash receipts and, building on this, forgery-proof cashbacks.

Our platform enables cashback campaigns to be implemented with the greatest possible security against fraud. This means that there are virtually no limits to cashback campaigns within our system. Cashback campaigns with high values, such as those often carried out by Samsung, often require a high level of personnel. Be it to manually check the submitted cashbacks or to check for duplicates. With wunderbon, manual processing is no longer necessary. Due to the prior selection of the cashback partner dealers and the defined framework conditions for redemption, all parameters are already taken into account during control and only valid cashback requests are passed on to you.

Every transaction carried out is always clearly traceable. In addition, as a manufacturer we offer you an API-based query option to feed your systems with this information for further processing. This protects you as the manufacturer, as well as the dealers, e.g. from non-refundable sales and thus from possible damage.

All affiliated companies thus benefit jointly from protection against cashback fraud and minimize, in addition to the risks of such actions, the average processing time at the same time. Customers receive their cashback advantage much faster than, for example, with a manual check, dealers can be sure that cashback actions are also valid and you as the manufacturer can sit back and relax. With the circuit, we take over the control, the check and the payment in the direction of trade and end customer. Cashback campaigns cannot be simpler.

Common KPIs

Thanks to wunderbon, manufacturers and dealers can use, control and monitor common KPIs. The completely digital solution enables measurements in a very high level of detail as well as the direct involvement of the end customer. wunderbon is available as a managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and enables the control of the KPIs completely in self-service.

Data Mining

We extract insights from the data stream generated inside and outside our platform. We can take a look at data that may not be available to you as a manufacturer and thus put it into relation. We thus offer insights into your sales market, which can currently often only be produced by purchasing external data and then only with the corresponding uncertainty. Supplement your sales figures with a breakdown by regions, cities, districts, individual shops or customers (there are many more possibilities). Learn to better understand the end customers of your products with wunderbon and target your brand campaigns more effectively. The data, which we aggregate from the delivery of the cash receipts, we make available to the trade as well as to you as a manufacturer via our platform pseudonymised. The provision of your own data within our platform can be configured very granularly from all sides and coordinated with each other. Only data that you want to release will be exchanged or released. Of course, wunderbon can also be used by you without data release.

Data Protection & Privacy

With the help of wunderbon, the data provided by the end customer can be used in a legally secure manner. All parties involved have the assurance that your data will be stored securely and used only as the owner of the data wishes. We make sure that these rules are adhered to and so offer:

  • always high data quality and secure data sources (for dealers, manufacturers and end customers)
  • legally compliant use for marketing purposes (we take over GDPRcoordination and communication with end customers)
  • Possibility of personalisation (mailings, surveys, etc.)

In all our activities we always attach great importance to a secure and above all transparent handling of customer data. We adhere strictly to the requirements of the GDPR (see our privacy policy) and move our data securely and exclusively within the EU or in compliance with order processing contracts in accordance with the GDPR. As part of our cooperation with dealers and manufacturers, we take over the management of the consent(s), e.g. for the exchange of data, establishing contacts or marketing by partner companies towards the end customer. Thus, any contact via our system is not only legally secure, but explicitly permitted in advance by the consumer according to GDPR.

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