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Available worldwide at any time & searchable - save money on the side when shopping!

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Digital Receipts

Receive your receipt with wunderbon directly after shopping on your smartphone – locally as well as online. No more tedious collecting of paper receipts! That saves you the digitizing & relieves the environment!

Save Money

Shop and benefit from unbelievable price advantages – saving has never been easier! The days of paper coupons are over – with wunderbon you just save while you shop.

Better Overview

With wunderbon you can always keep an eye on your expenses – even the cash paid and additional detailed analyses of your expenses. Let the Budget Butler inform you conveniently.


With wunderbon you won't lose any receipts, you will save time & money and get a detailed overview of your expenses. All this happens comfortably in the background. You shop, wunderbon does the rest!

  • Collect Receipts

    With wunderbon, you receive receipts directly in digital form, without having to digitize them. All you need is a free account and our free app. Receipts from other merchants (non-partners) can also be added manually to your receipt list using the scan function.

  • Save Money

    With wunderbon it is so easy to save money! We analyse your receipts - no matter from which source - for cashback offers from manufacturers (food, cosmetics, electronics, etc.) and then automatically activate them for you - WITHOUT you having to activate or even print out a coupon. This is automatic saving!

  • Monitor Spendings

    wunderbon aggregates your issues and displays them clearly. By analyzing your receipts you get a complete overview divided into different areas and this helps you to keep an eye on your expenses. Our Budget Butler informs you according to your wishes and rules. So you always have your expenses in view.

How it works

Everything works almost like magic - either by assigning your preferred payment method (German debit card, credit card, Apple-Pay or Google-Pay, or others) or alternatively by scanning your QR code in the app at the checkout (e.g. cash payment). Receipts from non-partners can be scanned into your collection - so you won't miss a thing!

  • Get the App

    Download wunderbon from the App- or Play-Store

Install our free wunderbon app on your smartphone and register after starting to receive receipts on your smartphone.

  • Go Shopping

    With our partners you get your receipt on your Smartphone

At the checkout of our partners you either pay cashless or show your QR-Code in the app and receive the receipt directly on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can capture the receipt with a photo.

  • Save Money

    Saving in passing and the budget butler keeps the overview

Benefit from individual & suitable offers. Based on your preferences, we will show you products that you can also save on purchasing! Browsing brochures was yesterday.


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about wunderbon. If you can't find your answer here, just send us an e-mail using our contact form and we'll be happy to answer it for you!

  • How much is wunderbon?

    wunderbon is free and always will be. Both our app on Android and Apple iOS and your account are 100% free.

  • Does wunderbon work on any device?

    We support the two major mobile platforms Google Android (from version 8.0) and Apple iOS (from version 12.0). Currently no further adaptations are planned. This may change depending on demand.

  • Can I add documents manually?

    You have the possibility to either digitize vouchers by photo/scan with our wunderbon app and add them to your collection, or to send vouchers to your wunderbon email address so that we can add them to your list for you. You will find your wunderbon email address in your account under "wunderbon email address".

  • Is my data safe?

    We do everything we can to protect your data! Nobody but you can see your data. Companies (merchants & cashback/coupon providers) you actively share your data with will see exactly the information you selected in your share. Nothing more. All data is transmitted exclusively in encrypted form and stored securely within the EU in compliance with the DSGVO. You can delete your account completely at any time. Important: Use a secure password and keep your password secret. This is the most important condition for the protection of your data!

  • Are digital receipts legally valid?

    A receipt generated digitally by wunderbon's trading partners is legally valid for the guarantee and warranty and serves as proof of the tax return. When digitizing paper receipts, care must be taken to photograph the complete receipt. This is the only way for the retailer to find all the relevant information on it in the event of an exchange. In individual cases, the acceptance of digitized paper documents depends on the goodwill of the retailer. Should there be any difficulties, please call us or send us an e-mail.

  • Can I export my receipts?

    wunderbon stands in its basic principles for high data protection, self-determination over the use of the data as well as a customer-friendly regulation concerning the export of the own data. You can export your data free of charge at any time. You can access this via your account management on the web. The adapted export for the most common tax programs, however, is only available as part of a premium subscription.


wunderbon will soon be available for your Android smartphone (Google Play Store) or iPhone (Apple iOS App Store). Use our Early-Bird-Program to make sure you don't miss the launch and be among the first to benefit.