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When you shop at one of our partners and , you can access a variety of digital extras with the wunderbon app and our QR code. Perhaps we will briefly explain what “digital extras” are, how we understand them and, most importantly, we will then come to an overview of the extras at wunderbon. But let’s start with the term first. There is a term borrowed from telecommunications that best describes these extras:

A value-added service (or VAS) is a common term for non-core services or, in short, any service that goes beyond purchasing. However, it can be used in any service industry for services offered at little or no cost to promote the main business.

This is how it can be applied to us. The merchant connects his checkout to wunderbon and we provide you and all his other customers with many services around shopping fully automated. You’ll benefit from other services like digital receipts, cashback, product information, warranty reminders, rating & feedback, product recalls and many more!

To participate in wunderbon, you must be registered as a wunderbon user and have the wunderbon app installed on your smartphone and logged in. That’s all you need to get started. Here you will find more information about the current digital extras that you can use with wunderbon at our partners.

List of digital extras

This is the overview of our currently offered digital extras. These extra services are available by default at all retailers.

The diagram shows the rough workflow for the digital receipt with wunderbon.
Rough procedure for the digital receipt with wunderbon

Digital Receipts

If you shop as a wunderbon user at one of our partners and pay for your purchase at the checkout, you will receive your receipt in your wunderbon app immediately after payment. The only thing that matters is how you pay and how the merchant identifies you to deliver your receipt. Thanks to wunderbon, this is possible in many ways, so that in the best case you don’t have to do anything at the checkout except request the digital receipt via wunderbon.

Cash payment

If you pay for your purchase in cash, then there is no possibility for the merchant to assign your customer account in his POS system on the basis of your customer card or giro or credit card and to send you the receipt. In order for him to be able to do this, you must show the wunderbon app with the generated QR code to receive your digital receipt, so that the cashier can scan it. After that, the digital receipt will be sent to your wunderbon app. The advantage of cash is not lost here. For the merchant, thanks to our Privacy Relay, you are just as anonymous as before, with the difference that you can use digital services from him.

Non-cash payment (girocard, credit card, etc.)

If you pay for your purchase with your bank card (Girocard) or credit card, merchants who officially participate in our customer ID system have the option of identifying you securely via your card’s metadata (only non-critical data is used) at your explicit request prior to the payment process and subsequently sending you a digital receipt without your intervention. No plain text information is transmitted to us for matching. Only an extract of the information on your card to be able to assign it to your customer account with us. This all happens fully automatically in the background and you don’t have to do anything except ask the cashier for the digital receipt via wunderbon. The prerequisite for this is that you have securely tokenized your payment method(s) in the wunderbon app before using wunderbon at the checkout (more on this here), so that it is possible for the merchant to assign the card.

Use your loyalty card

Many merchants have their own customer loyalty or bonus program (so-called loyalty programs), or are part of one of the larger loyalty programs and thus have the opportunity to identify you regardless of the payment method. This is then probably the easiest option for you. If you show your customer card during the checkout process and the merchant’s customer loyalty or bonus program is supported by our wunderbon app (we will publish more about the supported networks soon), all you have to do is wish for the receipt via wunderbon and you will receive your digital receipt directly in your wunderbon app.


If you want to make an exchange or return an item, you can of course do this with our digital receipt just as you would with the paper receipt. For a return, you don’t have to do anything except open the affected receipt and start a return. You will be shown a QR code, which must be scanned by the retailer to start the return process. The merchant will then add some more information, ask you about it, and then the status of the receipt will be changed to “withdrawn” and a new receipt will be sent to you. It can be as simple as that.


When you shop with our merchants, you will receive a so-called “cashback” on your purchases, depending on the offer or purchase volume (minimum amounts, sliding scale). This can be granted to you by your dealer or also by a producer. You may also be familiar with such cashback campaigns from retailers, such as “Buy 3 products from XYZ and get 2 € discount on your purchase! You just need to have the coupon and have it scanned at checkout“. That’s how it works for us, or thereabouts. For us, however, the coupon is omitted in any case. On the one hand for the sake of the environment and on the other hand because it is annoying. With us, your cashback will be paid directly into your wallet. This ensures that you can be rewarded by both merchants and producers in the same way for your loyalty!

Product Information

When you receive your digital receipt, you’ll be notified via push notification. When you open the receipt in the app, you can view additional product details for all items that the merchant has submitted to you. These include:

  • Item number
  • Product category
  • Item name
  • Item description
  • Ingredients
  • Allergenic
  • Packaging (material etc.)
  • Price (incl. and excl. tax)
  • Deposit
  • Carbon (CO2) Footprint

and many more (more on this shortly here).

Warranty Reminder

We will remind you for appropriate product categories (these are configurable) in time before the legal deadlines expire (reminder occurs in the 11th and 23rd month after purchase). This way you will always have a reminder and will no longer miss the time to claim a purchased and possibly defective item and have it exchanged or repaired. This helps your wallet and the environment!

Rating & Feedback

You have the possibility to rate every single purchase with stars and optionally write a free comment. The scale goes from 0 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied) stars. With this tool you have the possibility to give your feedback on a specific purchase and to let merchants rate individual purchases. This way you can show your merchant how satisfied you were with the purchase, or just express that you were not. For both cases optional also why. This way, merchants can use your feedback to improve their service and you don’t have to rely on a paper card and the familiar mailbox to do it. It couldn’t be simpler.

Product Callbacks

Whenever we have identified or been notified of a product recall, we will forward it to all purchasers of the product in question. This ensures that known product recalls also reach the right recipients immediately, and fully automatically. This saves a lot of time searching public sources on product recalls. This way, you are always up to date and can easily find out which of your products have been recalled by the manufacturer. The products will be marked accordingly for you so that you can easily exchange them at your retailer.

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