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Magazine about the Point of Sale

Spannende Artikel aus dem Archiv rund um das Thema "Payment" und wie dieses heute oder auch zukünftig mit deinen Finanzen zusammenhängt. Hier nun eine Auswahl verschiedener Artikel aus dem Archiv unseres Finanzblogs zu "Payment":

Financial Greenwashing?

Klarna has been enlightened

Heard of it? “Klarna is NOT BNPL” — at least that’s what founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski wrote on Twitter recently. However, he wrote also “Klarna is a payments network like VISA or MasterCard” and that’s where ...

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Super App = Super Danger?

How Privacy relates to Human Dignity

Attention! From now on, you are blocked on all channels — private and business. You will no longer have access to your social media accounts, your banking app, and even delivery services will no longer ...

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