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About us and what we stand for

In the following, we would like to tell you a little about us and our motivation, give you some insights into the “why” of our product wunderbon, but above all reveal more about the values of our company – our DNA. Our understanding of digital ethics and how we help meet basic digital needs with our platform.


When many people come together to make something big happen, it is important that this is always done with our core values in mind. The well-being of the community is at the top of the list. We place the highest value on respectful interaction and a healthy and open culture of discussion (the former is very helpful here). So that every potential new member of our community can get an idea of this in advance and thus determine for themselves whether they fit in, we have published our understanding of values as a manifesto here for all to see.

Which brings us to our favorite topic, transparency. Indeed, part of our corporate philosophy concerns how we deal with transparency. This brings with it questions such as, “What are the limits of transparency?“, or “What value does this transparency add to our customers?” and to be sure, many more. There are certainly limits when the issue of transparency comes up against trade secrets and competitive advantages, for example. But these are also more issues that affect the relationship between us and our business customers, or just us exclusively.


We stand for the highest level of privacy protection through end-to-end encryption, which we understand as Beyond Privacy, giving our users control over their own data. However, to ensure that this does not just remain an untested promise, we are in the process of making this transparent through certificates, audits and the disclosure of security-relevant information and thus “proving” it to the outside world. This enables our users to see for themselves how we handle them and their data. We actively involve our users in this process.

Ignorance sometimes fuels fears – especially with regard to one’s own data and ignorance about what data is collected and how it is processed. We do our best every day to ensure that users feel safe with us and know that they are always in control and can, for example, object to the use of their data at any time with a simple click or touch. What is nowadays often still a process chain of various means of communication thus becomes a simple click or touch.

Our partners have committed themselves not only to accepting this privacy policy, but also to representing it in exactly the same way. Who doesn’t know it, you have just unsubscribed from the newsletter and actively brought about the so-called opt-out and weeks later emails, or SMS, or letters are still coming from the depths of a company. But it can be so simple today. With wunderbon, this becomes the new normal. Merchants who value their customers and care about the security of their data offer their data services through wunderbon. You are a dealer and would like to request more information? Then get in touch with us now.

In order to meet our high standards, we have made arrangements as far as our infrastructure, which will enable our users to always be informed about all transactions* on our platform and to be able to download these transactions as transaction history 24/7. This goes far beyond the requirements of the GDPR regarding the obligation to provide information. We want to enable our users at all times not only to have control over the exchange of data, but also to see who is using the permission and how, and which data is being accessed. This may sound a bit abstract, so the following example may better illustrate how this affects our users:

As known from TV, Radio & Internet

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