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wunderbon | secure data hub – provides end-to-end encrypted digital value-added services for any point-of-sale such as forgery-proof digital receipts, crypto-payments & -cashbacks – all while actively contributing to saving our planet with the significant reduction of paper and the need for electronics and less waste generated.

Within our native mobile app, the digital receipts and other services are available on almost any smartphone worldwide and at any time.

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Started with an innovative product, we are growing steadily and so we offer entry-level opportunities for pupilsstudentsgraduates and experienced professionals. We at wunderbon firmly believe that every human being has been provided with at least one special ability. If you know yours or would like to discover them with us, you will find below an overview of the current vacancies and jobs. Take the next step for your career and apply now!

Join us and help us on our mission of reinventing the POS.

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