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Brand Loyalty for Producers

With the wunderbon platform, we offer producers and suppliers of goods both an opportunity to increase customer and brand loyalty and to offer various digital extras (value-added services) for the products they sell. The possibilities are manifold.

Increasing digitization brings with it both opportunities and risks. Without a “good connection” to the buyers and consumers of one’s own products, one sometimes even loses the possibility of being able to offer the accustomed convenience and the expected additional services at all. In the case of digital, or simply more broadly positioned sales channels, the challenge often arises of no longer being able to provide personal advice from appropriately trained personnel. So it’s a similar situation to that faced by producers without their own direct sales force. Often, they have another hurdle to overcome and must rely on data from other sources for their market research.

Thanks to wunderbon, there are now a few ways to present and strengthen your brand that we should first start with a brief overview:

With wunderbon, you as a manufacturer can access data corresponding to your company’s products on our platform within a single data stream. Find out what else is hidden behind all these possibilities when you read on.

This image shows an exemplary setup of the Secure Data Flow and access by Merchants and Producers
Exemplary setup Secure Data Flow and access by Merchants and Producers

Product Information

We work with some of the largest data providers for product data (EAN/GTIN) and develop our own dataset in parallel. This data is the basis for the product data that we present to our users as part of the wunderbon app usage. This data is high-quality and additionally maintained by hand.

As a partner on our platform, producers have the opportunity to enrich this database accordingly for their own products and to always provide their customers with the most up-to-date product information via us. In this way, product data of even higher quality can be delivered directly to the most important people – their own customers.

Producers have the opportunity to show their customers what they are worth through high-quality and up-to-date product data. In fact, in today’s data-driven world, we believe it should be a given.

Product Surveys & Reviews

Using our hypertargeting-based survey tool, producers can enter into dialog with their or potential customers and, for example, conduct surveys, promote new products or call out product tests. Customers can rate products on the wunderbon platform (based on GTIN) and producers can use it to enter into a dialog with buyers.

Through wunderbon, producers get a direct line to the people who buy their products. Thanks to the wunderbon platform, it is then possible to call out joint KPIs with retailers and to coordinate, monitor and continuously analyze joint campaigns via the wunderbon platform.

Brand Campaigns

These are either cashback campaigns, or classic display or text campaigns that are booked and placed by producers directly on the wunderbon platform. These often work according to the concept:

“If three items from the same manufacturer are purchased, there is €3 cashback on the purchase” (often deducted as a discount directly at checkout).

Our system is able to perform fine granular targeting (so-called hypertargeting), provided that the users have agreed to it. We always present the brand in a desired environment.

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