Shaping the future together

For POS-Providers

With wunderbon and the alliance of large POS providers, we aim to connect retailers and their customers with the help of an intelligent POS system, and to do so on a permanent basis that goes beyond pure purchasing. This is how sustainable digital relationships are created.

Already today, a lot of data is generated that is not always and often not fully utilized. Data that would enable retailers to provide an even better, more seamless service and allow point-of-sale (POS) providers to better position their POS system in the digital context.

There are many reasons why services are often not offered digitally. On the one hand, the rapid development of technologies and their integration into existing systems is a major challenge for all market participants; on the other hand, this trend is contrasted by long cycles until POS systems are replaced. In addition, there are often still strong hardware ties and high investment costs. The problem domains often could not be more different.

So our domain is definitely all about secure and 100% end-to-end encrypted digital data services, but also just definitely not the POS software. As you can see from many implementations for digital cash receipts, it often makes sense the other way around.

Green Solution

At wunderbon, we follow a 100% sustainable rationale in the development of our product. Retailers can simultaneously emphasize their own sustainable actions by using our platform for digital extras. As you can read under sustainability, our entire organization focuses on sustainability. Learn about the green aspects of wunderbon and support our efforts to pay toward our stated sustainability goals.

We are looking for partners

We are looking for suppliers of POS systems (software/hardware) to jointly shape the POS of the future. We want to enable retailers to offer their customers digital extras (Digital Value Added Services). Let’s use synergies wisely and make a big change with each other’s help. Customers should already be able to experience contemporary shopping.

If your POS system does not yet enable any digital services (Digital Value Added Services), integrating wunderbon is a simple way of adding digital value, which can be offered cost-effectively and on a broad scale. However, it may simply complement your range of digital extras well.

Regardless of the reasons why a partnership makes sense, POS system providers receive a monthly commission for each of their merchants who use wunderbon via the corresponding POS system. We would be very pleased to hear from you for an initial discussion.

This diagram shows how a point-of-sale with wunderbon easily enables digital extras and optional crypto-payments
A point-of-sale with wunderbon easily enables digital extras and optional crypto-payments

Sales commissions (affiliate program)

Create a permanent additional source of income with minimal effort! This is quite simple with wunderbon. Thus, cash register system providers earn a permanent commission of 10% of the sales generated by each merchant who is connected to wunderbon through their own cash register system. Anyone who can do math will notice that this scales well.

The wunderbon sign-up process for merchants is 100% digitally mapped (only our KYC step needs to be done promptly and in person via smartphone or computer) and so wunderbon integrates perfectly with existing libraries/app stores/plugin or module registries.

This easy integration capability allows POS system providers to offer wunderbon to a large number of merchants. Thanks to the affiliate system, simple sign-up linkouts (or whitelabel iFrame embeds) can be used and thus integrated into a complete application route without much effort on your part. Simple plans and prices also make billing easy. The customer pays the subscription fees to us and we pay you the commission. This is all done transparently, without much effort. Develop a sustainable revenue stream today.

Requirements for the point of sale (POS) system

Already today, almost all POS systems (we have traveled to many countries and visited many stores for this purpose), as well as a large percentage of older systems have for quite some time already had everything that makes them a truly future-proof investment, namely a …

and a certain adaptability of the software (REST API communication, end-to-end encryption), with these features the connection to wunderbon can already start today. Technical details about our network (also for crypto payments) and the wunderbon platform built on top of it can be found in our Developer Hub.

The requirements and the communication protocol are deliberately kept simple and all algorithms (encryption, signatures, etc.) can be used free of third-party rights. Data models for integration in all common languages can be obtained from us, as we use generators for the development of our software. All licenses provide for commercial, unrestricted use. We are a speedboat enterprise partner in all respects and are also always open to joint further developments and optimizations – freely according to the motto “Shaping the future together“.

Scanning device for 2D barcodes

Hardly any checkout today, whether self-scanning or staffed, can do without some form of optical reader (scanner/laser). It makes no difference whether you look at the mobile ordering terminal at McDonald’s, the terminal in a Nespresso boutique, or the checkout at the organic supermarket. Almost all systems have the ability to capture a code and execute actions based on its content (payload), using the data contained in the payload to do so. Thus, everything is fulfilled that the wunderbon network needs. All the customer’s preferences are stored in their user account and are of course provided to the merchant within the protocol.

Internet Connection

An Internet connection is today already often elementary for the connection of the cash register without wunderbon. In some cases, POS data is already transmitted with a slight delay by downstream systems. But no matter what the situation, at one point an Internet connection is available, which can then be used in just 2! simple steps for end-to-end encrypted transmission of the cash register receipt data.

Software Customization

If the previously mentioned requirement is fulfilled, only the very simple and economical communication with the wunderbon platform has to be implemented. More details can be found in our Developer Hub and the best way for us has always been the personal exchange.

Nothing more needs to be present in the POS system – only integration by the POS system provider is necessary to be able to offer digital extras with wunderbon. This is where the POS providers or point-of-sale system suppliers come in. By connecting the POS system software to the wunderbon platform, you can add digital value to your POS system with minimal development effort and thus participate in wunderbon sales on a permanent basis. Shaping the future together!

“Just walk out” Technology

With wunderbon, a platform and technology is available that enables checkout systems to deliver the digital receipt and other information to customers via a variety of identification options and, in addition, securely and confidentially end-to-end encrypted, as they leave the store in line with the “just walk out” concept. Timely and completely free of any interaction, the digital receipt can be delivered immediately upon leaving the store. Thanks to integrated crypto-payment, the option of automatically debiting the customer’s wallet will soon be available, in parallel with document delivery. Everything is already provided for in the communication protocols. This is how “Just walk out” should work. Feel free to contact us directly to explore “just walk out” integration options together.

wunderbon offers technology for the future of shopping today!

International Solution

The wunderbon platform is able to map all common document formats worldwide. The format we have developed represents a worldwide, uniform standard for receipt data from POS systems. No matter what the purpose, regardless of the industry or other factors. All receipts, from parking and ticket machines to large furniture retailers, can be easily mapped in wunderbon. Within the Merchant Web App, receipts can be easily visually customized to match the merchant’s corporate identity.

It is possible to map all existing currencies, as well as all other data in international format. We have developed the JSON Receipt Schema used for this purpose specifically for this application and structured, document-oriented processing. It is of course an open source format. We have released and published all JSON schemas as open source under the MIT license.


We do not rely on Bitcoin or Ethereum as blockchain technology (distributed ledger), but on a green blockchain based on the (leased-)proof-of-stake approach. With the sustainability goals we have set (#3, #11, #12, #13), it is natural for us to favor a proof-of-stake approach-based consensus algorithm. This way, we can take advantage of the many benefits of a blockchain despite its sustainable orientation. Our customers benefit from transparent, tamper-proof transactions and crypto-payments.


We offer crypto payments based on the blockchain used and will soon publish a list of supported cryptocurrencies (tokens) under Payment. The list is continuously maintained and currencies are added little by little. Please either check back for an update if you are interested, or subscribe to our social channels for continuous updates.

Scalable Worldwide

Thanks to our partners, who ensure the operation of the infrastructure, we can flexibly handle load peaks as well as common traffic curves. Thus, we always offer the usual high performance and security and are secured with different failover levels. Thus, we always offer the usual high performance and security and are secured with different failover levels. Our solution stands on the shoulders of giants. Under Status you will always find an up-to-date overview of the status of our systems.


We have put a lot of emphasis on secure and up-to-date encryption algorithms, key lengths, signatures and the easy integration capability of our end-to-end encryption protocol in our system. All hashing algorithms used, the separation of responsibilities and that the persistence of the data is exclusively encrypted is just as self-evident for us as the fact that we follow the specifications of the BSI and the PCI-DSS and other standards in the design. You can find out what these are in the Developer Hub.


We supported the highest data protection precautions and standards. Users can always rely on us for the highest levels of security and access control. Data is stored securely with us and is handled within the EU in compliance with all requirements of the GDPR. We have summarized the most important information under Privacy. There you can get a detailed overview of our philosophy regarding data protection.

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