Growth through added value

Digital extras for Merchants

Digital extras professional, stable, reliable and above all from a single source. wunderbon offers retailers from small to large in almost every segment the opportunity to offer their customers digital extras, so-called added values or value-added services. We provide both the platform (B2B2C) as a service (PaaS) and the native mobile app for iOS and Android.

Via the wunderbon platform (PaaS), you as a merchant can deliver digital receipts directly to your customers’ smartphones.

wunderbon acts as an infrastructure provider between your checkout system and your customer’s smartphone. wunderbon saves time at the checkout by providing a real-time digital response to the question “Would you like a receipt”. In addition, wunderbon offers you as a merchant analytical evaluations and insights, which you can view directly via the Merchant Web App. In this way, wunderbon not only helps you to reduce costs, but additionally saves your checkout staff from coming into contact with thermal paper (Greenpeace on poison in receipts). The use of wunderbon reduces the burden on the environment, as there is no need to produce or use thermal paper.

With wunderbon, we not only offer a solution that is easy to integrate, but also everything at a calculable TCO and without any major effort or in-house development. Our system is compatible with most POS systems and is easy to integrate. Thanks to state-of-the-art interfaces and our secure infrastructure, we meet all security requirements and standards. As a merchant, benefit from a continuously evolving product with an ever-growing number of high-quality digital extras and additional services such as payment with cryptocurrencies.

This image shows the acceptance logo of wunderbon.
Acceptance logo of wunderbon

One network for everyone

If you look at the evolution of the Internet, consider what progress it has brought to people around the world, and then realize the possibilities of this open network, it should be clear why we rely on an open network for digital extras.

We see this open step as a further development of existing digital value-added and bonus systems. We combine digital extras for all stakeholders (retailers, producers and end customers) and offer digital solutions from a single source. Through joint KPIs for retail and manufacturing, we enable end customers to be addressed in a target-group-specific manner with little wastage and enable joint value creation at a completely new level.

With our open standard for digital receipts, which we have published as open source software, we are setting an example in terms of a uniform and interoperable standard. Our system offers an open API to which many systems can be directly connected. In addition, we provide ready-made data models for many common programming languages.

This diagram shows the wunderbon app in action at the point of sale.
wunderbon enables a variety of digital extras through its app

Our digital extras

Dealers who join our network can currently offer their customers the following great digital extras:

Retailers who are curious about the benefits of the digital extras we offer to end customers and why they experience special added value as a result will find this information here.

Status Today

Today, a variety of additional systems often line up at the point-of-sale. According to current studies, the trend is toward standardization of systems and services. Today, there are often additional readers for bonus programs, a scanner for the cash register, a card terminal for card payments and many other devices.

Not least because of this multitude of additional devices and systems, the point-of-sale also becomes a complex IT project quite quickly, especially for smaller companies. A single system such as wunderbon with just a single QR code and the multitude of digital extras and payment functions can already be a significant simplification and contribute significantly to cost savings and a reduction in complexity.

With wunderbon and its easy integration, it is possible to raise old cash register systems to a new level, as well as to expand modern cash register systems with cutting-edge services, even in the area of self-service cash registers and parking machines.

The future already today

wunderbon transmits the digital receipt to the customer’s smartphone in near real time immediately after the payment process at the POS. For this purpose, wunderbon accepts the cash register receipt either directly from the cash register system or from any downstream IT system that manages the data for transmission in a wide variety of ways. Contactus if you are interested in connectivity options.

Your customer will then be notified of the new receiptvia a push notification on their smartphone and it will be displayed once they access the app. The user can then view this in the wunderbon app.

User Identification

Have you ever thought about how the wunderbon user is identified at your checkout? On the one hand, the wunderbon user can be securely identified by the QR code in the wunderbon app. All you have to do is scan the QR code at the point of sale.

However, there is also the possibility of identification via existing features, such as an existing customer card, or the giro, credit or debit card (ISO/IEC 7812).

Once the user has been identified, a digital receipt can be sent to them according to our documented workflow. This works the same in all cases and always end-to-end encrypted.

Security and Confidentiality

wunderbon is fully end-to-end encrypted, providing not only the highest level of security, integrity and authenticity to protect the privacy between you and your customers, but also comprehensive protection of your trade secrets such as pricing policies and others.

Of course, we have also described how this works in a little more detail. On the one hand, you will find further answers to many security-related questions under Security and to all data protection and, of course, privacy-relevant topics under Privacy.

All actions within the wunderbon platform are digitally signed and can be verified at any time. Part of the documentation of transactions is persisted publicly but securely on a blockchain.


There are certainly a variety of benefits that come from using the wunderbon platform for all parties involved. However, we are primarily concerned with these:

  • Better digital customer engagement and relationship
  • High-quality digital extras with real added value
  • Sustainable by saving paper and waste
  • Tamper-proof cashback
  • Saves time during the checkout process
  • Optimization of the customer approach
  • Improving the focus on the target group

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