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Payment with your wallet

Finally, you can pay with your wallet directly at the point of sale with our simple but very versatile QR code. You’ll soon have the option to enable the payment feature in your wunderbon app and pay with cryptocurrencies at checkout. There is no easier way to complete your purchase at the point of sale. A single QR code and everything is handled – pay, get a digital receipt and use a variety of additional services – that’s how it should be.

Payment procedure

When you’re at the checkout and you want to use wunderbon to pay (and then automatically receive receipts), you don’t have to do anything but scan the QR code. In a few seconds, you will receive a push notification about the payment request including a payment reference (something like the remittance purpose for a bank transfer) and can then initiate the payment through a single action. At the checkout, you decide whether you also want to pay with wunderbon, or whether you only want to receive the digital additional services. You can decide it for each purchase, or continue with the last one. Each transaction must be confirmed by an additional action for reasons of financial regulation (PSD2) in Germany. After scanning the QR code, you will receive a payment request through a push notification and then release it, transferring the specified amount to the merchant, who will receive it in real time.

This image shows the example of a wunderbon payment QR code.
Example of a wunderbon payment QR code

Supported cryptocurrencies

Here we will share more information about the supported cryptocurrencies with you soon.

KYC (Know-Your-Customer)

We can only activate the payment function in accordance with the applicable legal basis if we have checked your identity in order to be able to provide information on transactions in the event of queries (investigating authorities) (e.g. in accordance with the GwG – Money Laundering Act or similar).

You can conveniently start the KYC process by clicking a button in the wunderbon app. Then you will go through the usual verification of your data, including identification document and after a successful verification, the payment function will be activated for you. This way, you also don’t have to worry that the KYC process will affect or even remove your anonymity to the merchant or producer. The only ones who know who belongs to the payment transaction by name are us and this information is of course not stored in your wunderbon profile, but stored separately and used only for the purposes mentioned here (according to the requirements of PCI-DSS, etc.).

Set up your wallet

When you log in to wunderbon app for the first time after activating the payment function with subsequent KYC process, you will be prompted to configure the payment function. Don’t worry, it sounds much worse than it is. You just need to follow the setup wizard and you will be guided through the configuration step by step. It starts with the keyphrase, which is why we start with it here.


The keyphrase – it is 15 words – is the basis in generating your private and your public key. This is the so-called key pair. This key is the basis of your payment functionality. Store the key or keyphrase in a safe place. If necessary, write them down on a piece of paper for security and keep it in a safe place. No access to your wallet without a key. The public part of the key is transmitted to wunderbon and assigned to your account in order to associate transactions with your user account and to verify transactions on behalf of the merchant. Your wallet will be used from now on to send payments to merchants or receive cashbacks from merchants and producers.


Attention – now you are asked to save the generated keyphrase (or your own). This is VERY IMPORTANT because without the keyphrase, you will never have access to your wallet again. For security reasons, and of course to protect your privacy and the integrity of your communications, we never know the private key of your key pair.

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