For the preservation of our planet

Sustainability meets digitization

No matter if you use wunderbon as a customer, or if you as a retailer send digital receipts to your customers with wunderbon. Everyone contributes an important part to the protection of our planet. With wunderbon, we not only offer a platform for secure digital services, but also create more awareness for packaging materials and the carbon footprint of products, for example. In this way, we make a significant contribution to education in the context of environmental protection in addition to basic product features.

All retailers using wunderbon are actively protecting the environment and taking the decisive step ahead. Digital transformation for a greener planet. While maintaining the highest data protection and privacy standards, ushering in a new era. This is how we understand our mission – sustainable products at the core of protecting our planet.

Preserve our Planet

Those who use wunderbon not only benefit from one of the best and most modern solutions for the point-of-sale, but also have a direct positive influence on their own environmental and carbon footprint. By using digital receipts, the environment is protected with every receipt that is not printed, and the environment is relieved with every receipt that is not disposed of. In this way, an active contribution can be made to the preservation of Germany’s and the world’s forests.

The receipt is usually printed on thermal paper, the production of which also releases numerous chemicals into the natural cycle and which are suspected of being hazardous to health (e.g. bisphenol A). This is also neither environmentally friendly nor sustainable; but fortunately there is wunderbon.

Change through Awareness

Sustainability is now firmly anchored in the thoughts, actions and everyday lives of many people. But even though there are already significantly more people today who follow this basic idea on a daily basis and want to bring about change, we can still become many more.

With our additional product information, such as ingredients (here as an example the “palm oil” uncertified / certified, corn starch), packaging materials (non-recyclable plastics, etc.) or information on the carbon footprint of products (including seal and visual signal), we enable people to perceive for the first time consciously what the product and our consumption of it, for an impact on our planet.

By creating or expanding this awareness and supporting it with good preparation of this information in context, we are creating something that no one has been able to do so far. We firmly believe that education is one of the cornerstones of good action.

Active Support

We allocate a portion of our profits to protecting our planet. The projects we support change with each iteration. The next campaign, its scope and timing will be announced here and in the app soon. Every wunderbon user will then be able to vote for the desired project.

We accept proposals for eligible projects throughout the year. We internally vote on a selection of candidates from these and our internal proposals, and then publish at least three final candidates for wunderbon users to vote on.

In this way, we hope to learn more about important projects and would like to firmly involve the people who use wunderbon and thus ultimately make it up. This is certainly about transparency on the one hand, but certainly also about co-determination and the connection between analog and digital (experience) life.

We will inform you about news in this area as soon as possible. Just check back regularly, or contact us if you have any questions!

Green IT

We are often asked whether it is not a contradiction to focus on the sustainability of one’s own product and still rely on blockchain technology. We think that’s very good. It shows that people’s awareness of sustainability is already focusing on the technological underpinnings – in other words, the entire value chain.

We can report with some pride that we always focus on sustainability in the entire design of wunderbon and we think new ideas from there. At least whenever we can. In some situations, we are confronted with hurdles that cannot be overcome by us, or that cannot be changed. But then we always try to achieve the optimal result under adapted circumstances.

However, our IT does not stand on the shoulders of giants for no reason – with our approach to establish a uniform global standard and, in doing so, to completely renew the point of sale and payment, we need a globally active and, above all, sustainably positioned partner who has a similar philosophy to ours. For our infrastructure, we rely on sustainable, carbon-neutral solutions from Google.

Especially the topic of blockchain in the wunderbon context for often one of the most important questions, as already mentioned at the beginning. We do not rely on Bitcoin or Ethereum as blockchain technology (distributed ledger), but on a solution based on the (leased-)proof-of-stake approach. Thus, we are not directly affected by the new EU directive MiCA, which addresses exactly the topic of environmental or resource protection and thereby proof-of-work. At least in one of the 2 versions available in the meantime.

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