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How wunderbon works

The wunderbon app is your trusted assistant at the checkout (point of sale) and here we would like to show you how the wunderbon app works and how to use it at the checkout – it’s all very simple and above all incredibly convenient.

With wunderbon, you have many opportunities to use digital extras from your retailer at the checkout with just a simple QR code. These digital extras include digital receipts, cashback, product information (nutrients, packaging details or CO2 information), warranty reminders, reviews & feedback and product recalls,we also offer Payment (optional). More digital extras are also being added on an ongoing basis. So we are gradually providing you with more and more features.

How to get your digital receipt with wunderbon

At the checkout (Point of Sale)

When you arrive at the merchant’s checkout after shopping, wunderbon now comes into play. The staff at the checkout, or in the case of a self-scanner checkout, the cashier, will ask you if you would like to receive a digital receipt. If you answer yes, it only depends on how the merchant assigns the receipt to your wunderbon account.

Because in order to receive your receipt in the wunderbon app, the merchant needs to know who or which anonymous user to send the receipt to before sending it. This assignment can be made in different ways. When paying in cash, you must show the QR code and either have it scanned by the staff (cashier), or you can be identified by customer card or, in the case of card payment, by assigning your card. You can find out exactly how this works here.


You always have the option to pay your purchase with wunderbon via cryptocurrency. All you need is the wunderbon QR code and a merchant that supports payment with cryptocurrencies. For this, pay attention to the corresponding feature:

This image shows the wunderbon acceptance logo.
When shopping, look for this logo at your retailer

You can find this e.g. at the entrance of the store or at the cash desk (point of sale). While the QR code in the image symbolizes basic services, the wallet is the symbol for cryptocurrency support. How the whole thing works in detail and what it has to do with cryptocurrencies, you will learn here.

After purchase

Then you don’t have to do anything except maybe pay for the purchase and pack it up. The digital receipt reaches you in parallel via push notification and is available to you from this point on within the wunderbon app (see diagram). Now you can benefit from many other additional digital offers from your retailer. These include feedback, ratings, product information such as nutrients, packaging details or CO2 information. More details about the digital extras can be found here.

It’s that simple!

If you’re wondering why it sounds so simple, we can tell you with confidence – it is! We worked out and tried out many different workflows. We ourselves are users of our product and want to ensure you the greatest experience and always a very good usability. This is the reason why wunderbon is so easy to use.

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