Contemporary savings

Cashback for your loyalty – so easy!

Gone are the days of discount coupons taking up more space in your wallet than bills. Say goodbye to loyalty books that disappear just before the last sticker. Collecting bargains is now easier than ever. Take advantage of digital discounts and save yourself from asking for loyalty tokens at checkout. Digital coupons are always with you in your smartphone. Bargains are possible with one click. Experience the benefits of digital discounts with wunderbon. Cash-Back offers are automatically recognized by the wunderbon app. Users can save money on their next purchase and protect the environment at the same time.

Read our online magazine to find out how digital discounts differ from traditional scrapbooks. We also explain why a digital bonus program helps you save money. In addition, handling information is available at the checkout to explain how to use it. Don’t hesitate and save on your purchase soon – with wunderbon.

How do discount books work?

Retailers use offers such as bonus programs to thank their customers for their loyalty. After each purchase, those willing to save money receive a sticker for their collection booklet, for example. How many stickers there are for the purchase often depends on the total amount of the purchase. This sometimes brings rich advantages. Buyers receive double-digit discounts and attractive products in exchange for full booklets. At the same time, each retailer has its own system. Depending on the supermarket, customers have different lengths of time to collect discount tokens. If you do not make it in the allotted time, all points are forfeited. A new collection cycle begins with new stickers and new discounts.

Discounts without loss of value

In addition to booklets, many retailers and restaurateurs offer a loyalty program via loyalty card. Unlike discount booklets, loyalty cards offer the opportunity to receive a certain discount on every purchase. In addition, it is also possible to collect points on the card with many bonus programs. The points collected can be exchanged for rewards or vouchers.

Make bargains digitally

Whether in the collector’s booklet or on the card, both loyalty programs give you great savings potential. Unfortunately, only if you remember to carry the respective booklet or card with you. Those who rely on digital discounts use their smartphones to secure lucrative offers when shopping. Just show the app and save! If you forget your phone, it’s not a problem because you will still get the discount. Receipts can also be uploaded to the wunderbon app, so you won’t miss out on any valuable points.

Bonus points via app

Digital “maps” have already made their way into some programs. Thus, these often come in the form of QR codes, for example, displayed in an app. During the payment process, customers show the code and the points are recorded by the corresponding app. With wunderbon you can not only collect digital receipts, but also nourish your bonus program without having to show your smartphone or even a QR code. At the same time, you retain full control over your finances. Conveniently, at any time and from anywhere in the world, you can use the wunderbon app to analyze your shopping behavior and identify future savings at a glance.

Advantages of digital discounts

  • Promoting sustainability Whoever dispenses with paper-based bonus programs protects the environment.
  • Increase efficiency No more counting stickers, no more pasting them into notebooks: scanning with your smartphone is quick and easy.
  • Always with you Nearly none of us leaves the house without a smartphone. It is also always there for spontaneous purchases. This way you will never miss a discount again.
  • Unique offers In digital loyalty programs, digital coupons intended exclusively for app users keep popping up.

Revolutionize your shopping experience

With digital discounts, you’ll save at the supermarket, the toy store, your favorite restaurant, and many more acceptance points. In addition, a variety of online savings offers allow you to get attractive products at reduced prices. The world is becoming more digital and even large insurance companies and energy suppliers offer digital discounts for their customers. Many patients are already foregoing the hunt for stamps at the dentist and always carry their bonus booklet with them on their smartphone. Digital billing is widely available and can be accessed at any time. Digital discounts make an important contribution to sustainable and efficient living.