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Digital assistants in our everyday life

Digital assistants such as Alexa or Google Home can simplify many information and management tasks. The assistants answer your questions, document important notes and support you during the online purchase. But in what areas of life do they support you concretely? And what options do you have for integrating digital assistants into your everyday life? We would like to show you what advantages the assistance programs offer you in your daily tasks.

Alexa, Google Home and Siri for quick help

When it comes to When it comes to digital assistants, the offerings from Google, Apple, and Amazon are probably the best-known solutions on the market. This allows Alexa to be used anywhere in the home to provide useful tips, play music, and control the household. Google Home and Apple’s Siri also perform similar tasks if you enable the necessary settings. For example, numerous processes in the home can already be digitized today using assistance systems.

But the systems are not only a good choice for technical measures and simple voice commands. Voice assistants also offer an optimal option for custom lists such as shopping lists, to-do lists and wish lists. This lets you manage your daily routines much easier, so the assistants are always linked to your smartphone. This way you don’t have to be home to view the most important details of your lists.

Direct linking with apps

The connection between a digital assistant and a practical app like wunderbon is also quite conceivable. Imagine conveniently collecting your cash receipts digitally and actively saving money. This way, you always keep track of your expenses and remain in full control even after the purchase. Now, if you want to know more about the concrete benefits of voice assistants and their added value for your everyday life, check out the full post.

A good support in many areas

A look at the concrete applications of digital assistants shows that many daily processes can be noticeably simplified. Voice input not only allows you to call up information, but also to add information conveniently and easily. Thanks to the adaptive AI, the systems are constantly evolving and competently assist you with the following tasks, for example:

Financial planning

When it comes to finances, the many features of digital voice assistants offer flawless planning. In this way, expenses can be documented and supplemented via the smartphone. This can be done in writing or by voice with the assistant. The voice assistant also offers concrete statements about your inputs within the applications.

Home control

The control of important elements in the home, such as lighting or the door lock, can now be fully implemented using digital assistance systems. Here, too, the smartphone offers numerous options for linking and controlling the measures. In this way, the assistance systems contribute to safety and control in the home.


Important documents such as the shopping list can be created directly via digital voice assistance with modern apps. Subsequently, the documents can be retrieved at all locations to access practical insights and important information. This allows you to manage it in a simple and well-structured way.


For simple knowledge questions, the voice assistants provide quick and straightforward answers. This way, you don’t have to pull out your smartphone yourself, but benefit from intelligent searches in the system. It can also be used to guide complex research, so you can get more in-depth information on important topics.

The advantages of digital budget support

The biggest advantage of modern systems lies in the constantly learning algorithms. These help you to find the right results without a long search. The advantage of the algorithm is that they can adapt to your search habits and better respond to your queries in the future. For example, if you like listening to rock music, after some time your digital assistant will start playing rock from the beginning when you ask for new music.

However, the assistance systems also help you noticeably from a financial perspective. With features like our wunderbon app, you’ll automatically be informed of all your daily expenses and can record them through digital receipts. This will allow you to save significantly in the long run, as your costs will no longer go through the roof uncontrollably. In combination with clear lists for shopping and errands, the app offers you a good solution as a digital budget book.

Simple search, fast find!

However, digital assistants are a good choice not only for your private accounting, but also for more advanced searches. If you wish, they can even accompany you when you make a purchase directly on the web and are linked to the respective browser. By simply entering new voice commands, it is easy to ensure efficient and understandable use. With each new input, the system gets a little more accustomed to your voice and the associated accents, which can constantly reduce the number of misunderstandings. This makes the use of digital assistants easier and, above all, more practical with every search.

Data security and ease of use

In order to provide you with the desired information and to execute your entries, the systems evaluate your data in a targeted manner. This applies not only to voice input, but also to your search history, purchase profile, and other personal indicators. However, the analysis of this data is not carried out secretly, but can be fully traced at any time if desired. In this way, you can always check in the settings of the systems which data has been collected from you.

This ensures that your digital assistant is not only set up in a modern and efficient way, but also with the necessary transparency. Your personal data is of course protected and will only be used to optimize the assistance system. Thanks to the learning algorithms, the systems adapt increasingly better according to your searches and offer you good results. Thus, the system unfolds its full potential over time.

Effective options for more control in the home

Our handy wunderbon app is an effective product at this point to help you reach your financial goals and save in the best possible way. The simple and clear budget book therefore records all data of your purchase. From your point of view, this makes it much easier to keep an eye on your finances and integrate digital assistants into your everyday life in a targeted manner. We are constantly developing our app and supporting you in documenting your expenses in all areas.