Data protection at a new level

For you and your privacy

There are many digital cash register receipts out there, but with us, special emphasis is placed on protecting your privacy, far beyond the usual level. We firmly believe that the best way to protect yourself, your data, and therefore your entire privacy is through extensive and, most importantly, end-to-end encryption. This prevents data in plain text from being passed on to unauthorized persons and ensures that you always have complete control over what is shared and with whom.

This does not mean that during a transaction (receipt, payment, etc.) data is not exchanged in plain text with the merchant and us. But only you and your merchant have the possibility to see the contents of the shopping cart. At wunderbon, all we see is a sealed envelope with the contents encrypted. We are technically unable to open this envelope without you. If you are interested in how we protect your privacy, you can find out more details here.


To stay with the envelope example: When we receive data from the merchant, it is encrypted with a key chosen by your end device (your smartphone) and is not visible to us. What is available in plain text, however, is the so-called metadata. We have posted more information about metadata and how we handle it here.

This diagram shows the secure transport of encrypted data in an envelope (synonym for the cryptogram).
Secure transport of encrypted data in an envelope (synonym for cryptogram)


With wunderbon Privacy Relay, we have developed a safeguard that protects you and your privacy at the point-of-sale. Thanks to the wunderbon Privacy Relay, you appear to the merchant as an anonymous customer.

However, you always have the option to participate in the merchant’s customer loyalty program via the wunderbon app and exchange this anonymity for a reward for your loyalty. Thus, as a thank you for participating and donating your data about your purchases, you will receive monetary compensation and also special offers and discounts, as well as special offers.

Nowadays, we all often share our data just like that. Perhaps because we have no other choice. With the new privacy protection, you can individually define for each of your merchants if and which data you want to share with them and for how long. It is possible to revoke the granted release at any time, quite simply within the wunderbon app – with just one switch.

New thrift

We don’t just save on purchases. Our motto has been since the beginning:

As little data as possible, only as much as really necessary

Source: wunderbon

We have a very pragmatic approach. We collect only the data that is really needed to fulfill our service. Everything that is not needed is not stored. Confidential information is of course encrypted and cannot be viewed. All that is visible is the metadata (learn more about that here), and only a few of those are collected as well.

We can also explain quite simply why. Storage space costs and so does security. The less data we store in plain text (metadata that is not end-to-end encrypted) and the less space this data takes up, the less cost it incurs. This has a positive effect on our prices and will help us to be represented at a large number of your retailers in the near future. As in all cases with wunderbon, this is also “win-win-win” for the parties involved.

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