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Cashback directly to your wallet

No coupons, no paper, no frills! Instead, good deals and cashback directly into your wallet. If you pay with wunderbon payment, the amount is even deducted directly at the time of purchase. We believe that saving money on shopping should work like this. That’s exactly what you can profit from now.

Loyalty, cashback and bonus programs

But perhaps we will start as usual with an explanation of the term “cashback”:

A cash back system is a bonus program that differs from classic bonus programs in that discount points can be used not only for further purchases. Often, no more points are used at all, but the cashback is shown directly as a monetary amount and credited to the customer account. Some cashback portals are still based on points, but these discount points can also often be paid out as a monetary amount. The cashback systems, which display and pay out the cashback directly as a monetary amount, offer the user a high degree of flexibility. The customer can see more easily how much savings the cashback system has brought per purchase.

Source: Wikipedia

Saving is fun

At wunderbon, we like to save. We are, as we always emphasize, our own customer. When we travel privately and go shopping, for example, we naturally see and experience similar things to what you also see and experience. These are the well-known bonus programs and, above all, how payment and savings still work today in Germany, but also in many other countries. At wunderbon, we firmly believe that things should have gotten better a long time ago, and so we founded wunderbon.

Gone are the days of needing loyalty cards or cards in general, and most importantly, gone are the days of tediously searching for deals and collecting paper coupons or the like. Apart from the completely unnecessary environmental impact, it’s also so 90’s.

It is about help in saving, about – real saving – which is made possible to one without burden and without consuming too much of our valuable resource time.

Uniform saving

It’s already unnecessarily complicated for you as a customer today. Companies sometimes don’t even reach you with their offer, even though they would like to reach you and you could save money in the process. Nowadays, savings and discounts are sometimes initiated by your retailer, sometimes directly by the producer/manufacturer, often also via so-called cashback campaigns. If you’re lucky, you’ll find out about these promotions, or you’ll spend time searching through all the brochures and bonus programs, looking for coupons and deals.

Use wunderbon for good deals and discounts so you can relax. That’s how to save today. The savings you have through wunderbon are independent of the offers you get so in the store. These are always a bonus on top! We bundle discounts from manufacturers and retailers and you will always get good deals and discounts.

Cash back to the wallet

With us there are no bonus points, points, stars, signatures, or whatever else you have to collect to be able to claim the “Cash Back”. We also do not use coupons or anything like that. With us you just have to shop and use wunderbon. We will then inform you about your savings within your receipt for purchase.

You can see any discounts granted subsequently within the wunderbon app. At any time you will be able to view the discounts granted and track individual transactions. It is quite simple and works quite automatically.

Save on your purchases without any effort and get your reward directly to your wallet.

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